• What is SCC+?

    SCC+ is a rich concoction of nature’s very best ingredients to ensure optimal health of colon and digestive system. Below is an overview of the essential ingredients

  • How does SCC+ help my body?

    – Weight management 

    – Helps prevents Colon Cancer 

    – Cleanses and Detoxification of Colon

    – Strengthening of colon lining keeping it healthy 

    – Balances colon digestive system 

  • What does SCC+ contain?

    – Sinetrol

    – Chlorophyll, Amla Extract, 

    – Green Apple Powder, 

    – Beet Root Powder, 

    – Aloe Vera Powder, Astaxanthin, 

    – Grape Seed Powder, Milk Thistle Extract, 

    – Psyllium Husk Powder, 

    – Probiotics and Multivitamins

  • How many sachets are in one box?

    – SCC+ contains 15 sachets 

    How do I take SCC+

    – Dissolve one Sachet of SCC+ in 200ml of water and drink immediately after stirring. Take SCC+ preferably before going to bed.