Exciting 2022 announcements

Mr Lai Tek Ken, CEO of Superlife World made some fantastic announcements during a Zoom meeting that was hosted by Crownteam SA agent Pinky Ntozakhe.

300 members joined the zoom meeting and eargerly awaited the CEOs speech.

Here are some highlights:

  1. 5% increase in the direct sponsor bonus. Effective end of Feb.
  2. Leaders who maintain their activity will also be receiving a maintenance bonus. (Optional)
  3. Update to pairing bonus will be announced later in the year. Estimated by April or May.
  4. Golden Coffee will be re-launched on the 19 Feb 2022 with added ingredients. New packaged coffee will be circulating in Mar 2022.
  5. Dubai trip qualifying period has been extended to 31 Jan 2022.
  6. Switzerland and france trip qualifying period has also been extended by one month.

With good like this, 2022 certainly kicked off to a good start.

Life is Super….